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Prophetic Word: Daughters of Thunder


I had a vision where I saw the shorelines of America, and upon the shorelines were waves crashing into the sand. Then God showed me a panoramic view and I could see the ocean. The waves continued to crash and crash. Suddenly, I saw women rising out of the ocean and they began to walk through the water as they approached the shorelines of America. These women were dripping with water and you could tell they had been through many storms. These storms were sent by the enemy to keep them down, but it didn’t work. These women approached America with sheer determination on their faces. They were done with the schemes of the enemy. They were raising their voices upon the nation. They were willing and ready to fight for their families and their country-through the power of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

These women carry the ARK (His presence) and the glory of God wherever they go. They know their identity and their authority in Christ. They have been given authority to heal the blind and the sick, to break strongholds and deliver nations. These are the UNSTOPPABLE ONES.

“God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with power, and the warring women of Zion deliver its message.” ~ Psalm 68:11 (TPT)

A tidal wave of women (the warring women of Zion) are now approaching the shorelines of the United States of America!

Zion is the Church-the Body of Christ. It represents a high-calling, the power and glory of God, the dwelling place of Jesus, a glorious revival, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Overall, Zion is a picture of how the Church should look.

Chelsea Carpenter

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